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Since 1965, Bradford Travel Service has been a full service tour and travel provider. We specialize in business, leisure, vacation and group travel services. We take pride in offering the lowest prices and best service in the industry..

The secret of our success is no secret. It takes the hard work of our travel professionals who are dedicated to helping each client travel with foresight. It takes an independent rate department to guarantee the lowest airfares. It takes negotiated discounts on thousands of hotels and rental cars. It takes a group / convention department, wholesale tour department, and marketing department to ensure the success of company travel functions from groups of 10 to 5,000. It takes advanced telecommunications systems and toll-free phones staffed by experienced travel consultants. It takes lightning quick computers to instantly confirm travel reservations and a web site second to none.

People who travel need a travel agency that understands their special needs. Bradford Travel offers seven full time travel consultants who bring over 50 years travel related service to our clients.






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